Ok can we just talk about how important this scene is? Because it perfectly shows Korra’s character. She is completely broken. Both mentally and physically. The only thing she wants is to be left alone. The thought of being out there where dozens of eyes will look at her with pity and lie to her about how she looks better and it’s just a matter of time till she is back on her feet, the thought of dealing with that slimy president……this must all be completely horrible to her. She hates it. But as soon as she is reminded that it’s for Jinora…just look at her eyes. It’s like a switch. The misery is still there but there is also the determination to go through with it. Nobody will blame her if she doesn’t go. Jinora will understand, Tanzin would understand but the sheer idea of  diminishing Jinora’s happiness  in any way on this special day is unacceptable to Korra. Because that’s who Korra is. Someone who will always put her loved ones first no matter what it costs her

Korra is goddamn hero and one of the best people you will ever meet

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